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Nothing compares to the coziness of soft rugs on the floor. It immediately gives color and atmosphere to the room. Vervaco’s collection offers 2 kinds of them: the latch hook kits and the cross stitch kits.

Make a latch hook rug for the kids room, so they have a soft base to play on that keeps them warm. Latch hook is easy to do for people of all ages. You don’t need to read patterns because the picture is already painted on the canvas. So just match the right color of thread with the colors on the canvas and you’ll be all right! Vervaco offers two types of latch hook kits: rectangular ones and shaped ones. Both come with a latch hook. The shaped rugs also come with binding tape to finish them neatly.

Or do you rather pick a cross stitch rug? This definitely adds character to the room. Cross stitch is a well-known technique that’s mostly used with cushions. But we also have some cross stitch rugs. A bigger project means a lot more fun! This might be a challenge but it will be rewarding when it’s finished.

Rugs in both techniques are easy and fun to make!

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