New Collection 2021/5

Have you already seen the new collection?

The Vervaco designers have not been idle. You can see the result in the new collection with designs in different techniques and themes.

In this collection there are some designs that bring the autumn atmosphere into your home. For example, there are cross-stitch pillows with, for example, hedgehogs or an owl between autumn leaves. Or a house in an orange-colored forest. You can also find a cup and runner with a cute hedgehog family.

Those who want to prepare for Christmas will certainly find something nice in this collection. There are nice cross-stitch pillows with Christmas gnomes and a runner with deer. If you are looking for a smaller project, there are greeting cards as well as miniatures and bookmarks with our popular Christmas gnomes.

Even the youngest can enjoy themselves again with 4 new penelope kits in marine theme. Choose between a seahorse, a fish, a squid or a crab. Summer is here for a while yet!

Animal lovers can turn their favorite animal or pet into a cross stitch pillow. You can find different breeds of dogs and cats in this technique. The range of designs has also grown in the button kits. Cats, a horse, flowers and an impressive Bengal tiger, everything is covered. Or rather one for the nursery, with a nice whale on it. In this series you can also find a birth tile, a ruler, a cross-stitch pillow and a pajama bag.

Check out the folder for the whole collection.

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