The cushion collection of Vervaco is endless! Of course they have a wide range of the well-known cross stitch cushions. This is the most accessible technique of the collection. Therefore, cross stitch is suitable for all ages. You can find these in the most divergent themes. There’s a cross stitch pillow for every occasion. Summer, winter, Christmas, animals,… Even Disney and Hello Kitty have their own piece. All of these themes are also retrievable in the latch hook cushion collection. A different technique but the same beautiful designs!

Other techniques you can find in these 40 x 40 cm (16″ x 16″) cushions are long stitch, half cross stitch and angled clamping stitch.

For those who don’t like to work on a whole cushion, there are embroidery cushions. These are already pre-printed, which means that you only have to embroider some parts of the cushion, with a lovely soft pillow as a result! Similar to those, there are sublimation cushions with a beautiful sublimated image on them. Just embroider the lines and you’re good to go!

There are cushions available in different sizes and of different materials. Dive into our cushion collection and find your favourite!

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